Here at Fernside Veterinary Centre, we use a range of state of the art equipment to make sure your pet is taken care of in the best and most efficient manner possible. 

Digital X-ray machine 

Enables us to get pictures through fast to help diagnose ; we can send X-rays through to the referral specialists if needed via email therefore obtaining results quickly.... 

Blood gas machine 

Our NEW Epoc machine now means we can create more of a picture on just how sick our most critical patients are . It helps us monitor animals with serious infections much closer enabling us to change treatments like IV fluids and gives us a good idea of how our animals are progressing in their recovery... 


Our endoscope means we can look down into stomachs and up noses to check where some of our naughty pets might have managed to get an item or two stuck and also enables us to have a direct look if we are worried about severe inflammation in some of our patients gastrointestinal tracts. 

Blood machine 

We can run a good panel of in house laboratory analysis including liver, kidney,protein and glucose and full haematology. We can also run in house urine and have an excellent microscope to be able to check all your pets lumps and bumps. 


We have an in house ultrasound machine enabling us to take ultrasounds during consultation and for our inpatients when needed, it can be essential in aiding the diagnostic process, meaning we can have answers to many conditions a lot sooner. 


Capnography is essential in aiding the qualified veterinary nurse during anesthetics. It helps monitor the depth of anesthetic, breathing, oxygen saturation and pulse. It is only an aid and does not replace an experienced qualified veterinary nurse but means we can keep a gold standard of monitoring when our patients are under General Anaesthetic.  

Blood Pressure Machine 

This is a fantastic addition to all aspects of practice life.. helping diagnose hypertension in our older animals through to helping maintain good monitoring of our patients during anaesthetic. Our blood pressure monitoring is included in our pet health care plan as part of our pets ongoing MOT. 

Dental Machine 

As when you go to the dentist we have a full sized electronic dental unit similar to at the hygienist, with full scaling and polishing facilities. As this unit also includes a flush and drill system it means we can take teeth out with the minimal trauma. 
We now have a digital dental X-ray machine (picture below); this really helps with being able to see below the gum line to the root below. 

Consulting Hours 

Monday to Fri
Open 8.30 am - 7.30 pm 
9.00am - 11.00am 
Midday - 3.30pm (varies slightly daily) 
4.30pm - 7.00 pm 
9:00am - 12.00 pm 

How to Find Us 

Fernside Veterinary Centre, 
205 Shenley Road,  
WD6 1AT 
Tel: 020 8207 0826 

24 Hour Emergency Care 

Out of hours: 01707 666 399  
(The Royal Veterinary College) 
The Emergency Care team will take your details and advise you on any appropriate action. You will be given an indication of the relevant consultation fees. 
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